Contact me for a complimentary individual or couples counseling consultation

It’s no small thing to finally reach out to a counselor, and I would be honored to speak with you about ways counseling might help. I offer a complimentary 20 minute consultation where you can see what our work together might look like and whether we might be a good "fit". 



   Taking the step towards change is not always an easy one. Perhaps you have spent time thinking about and searching for a therapist hoping to find just the right fit and then hoping to be brave enough to reach out.  I understand and I'm so glad you found your way here!  

Maybe you are feeling overwhelmed by life or an emergent situation and could use sup­port to move through it. You might have expe­ri­enced a trau­mat­ic event and you know it is still wreak­ing hav­oc with your well-being and relationships. It could be that you are just plain not hap­py and you are unsure as to why. I can help. I work with peo­ple who want life to be bet­ter for them but aren't sure where to begin. By bringing warmth and reflection, we can re-wire old thoughts and behaviors which aren't serving you and help you live an authentic, self compassionate life.

*I humbly practice using an inclusive, culturally competent and anti-racist lens.