Some of the Areas I Help With:

Here are some of the com­mon rea­sons peo­ple seek coun­sel­ing with me:

  • Current or past trauma, emotional, physical, sexual abuse & neglect, attachment trauma

  • Feeling overwhelmed by emotions, including anxiety, depression, shame, hopelessness,

      sadness, anger, guilt

  • Recovering from religious/spiritual toxicity or abuse

  • Relationship loss including separation, divorce, bereavement 

  • Perinatal concerns, miscarriage/pregnancy loss, postpartum trauma recovery 

  • Exploring gender specific and LGBTQ+ issues

  • Feeling self critical, not good enough, unworthy/ashamed

  • Identity and self-identity challenges

  • Stuck in the cognitive (left-brain) world, cut off from emotions (right brain)

  • Dealing with life transition and/or feeling unsettled

Who we are... and how we cope...
is not our fault
Who we are... and how we cope...
becomes our responsibility
~Paul Gilbert